The Truly Open MRI:

for anyone who is afraid of MRI examinations

Say goodbye to claustrophobia: It’s a promise you can rely on. From now on, you will be able to have an MRI examination without any worries and above all without any fear or anxiety. You can sit comfortably in the MRI without having to restrict yourself physically. You are in control and have an unobstructed view.

In contrast to narrow tube systems, our MRI offers much greater patient comfort regarding freedom of movement, an unobstructed view and noise. You have an unobstructed view while in the MRI during the scan and can see a large TV screen where you can watch a programme or view a DVD. Also, the wearing of headphones – as with tunnel MRI systems – is usually not necessary as the Upright MRI is very quiet when in operation. It is even possible for you to have a friend or relative accompany you whilst you´re in the MRI suite.

No fear of MRI examinations

in any position

The special feature of this MRI scanner is that you do not lie in a narrow tube during the examination but are examined in the truly open system whilst sitting or standing. The advantage: real movement sequences such as rotation, inclination and overstretching, which lead to pain symptoms in everyday life, can be performed and examined in the MRI. That’s because patients often complain of pain symptoms when they are sitting, standing, or walking that usually cannot be detected when lying down.

You will have a completely different examination experience – truly open and without being afraid of the tube!

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